Dance Belt brands & models

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Body Wrappers M007 narrow waist ProBelt
Mariia narrow waist “Kamil"
WearMoi 131 narrow waist

Capezio 5930 quilted
Body Wrappers M006 wide waist ProBelt
WearMoi 206 wide waist

Body Wrappers M003
Body Wrappers M007 narrow waist ProBelt
Capezio N26
Dance Jox
Bloch 3124 seamless

M Stevens 1007
Mariia narrow waist “Kamil"
Bloch 3914
WearMoi 131 narrow waist
- Body Wrappers M002 full seat

Body Wrappers M007 narrow waist ProBelt
WearMoi 131 narrow waist
M Stevens 1007
- Body Wrappers M002 full seat


“Mickey the Mannequin” doesn’t have male genitals, just a rounded “Ken-Doll” bulge, so he really doesn’t need a dance belt.  However, it’s much easier to compare dance belts on a plastic model than on an embarrassed looking, almost-naked human.  All dance belts pictured were pulled up to a standard degree of stretch, so you can tell if a model rides low on the hips, or high up over the waist.

WearMoi 206 (10)

Or how wide the thong is, and how it connects to the bottom of the pouch

Generally speaking, the more structured a dance belt’s pouch is, the better it will be holding everything in the ‘fully upright & locked position’.

The Capezio quilted dance belt has been the professional dancer’s go-to standard for at least the last 25 years.  It performs a dance belt’s primary function of creating no-shift security extremely well, but I never liked its comfort, and throughout my dance career have always searched for better alternatives.  

WearMoi might be the first dance belt actually designed by a male dancer. It took off when online retailer boysdancetoo became its champion.  The narrow waist-band model quickly became the acknowledged comfort favorite.  Other than WearMoi, dance belt technology stood still for many years.

Then came the “Billy Elliott” effect.
Following the movie, more guys are took up dance than ever before, creating opportunity for dancewear manufacturers.

In 2013 Body Wrappers set out to create the best dance belt ever by combining their fabric and fabrication expertise with real-world testing and feedback from real dancers.  
The result: Body Wrappers ProBelts.  
Full Disclosure: The manufacturer asked me to participate in the year-long design process, along with Robbie Fairchild of NYCB, five other professional dancers, and a teenager who wore a beta test model all week to a summer intensive.  ProBelts reflect many of my personal dance belt preferences and prejudices.

Then, in June 2014, the comfort battle become a 3-way race.  Tom Kilps, First Soloist at Texas Ballet Theatre began selling his new DanceJox model. Rather than rely on outside testers, he developed the new design based on his own wishlist for the perfect dance belt.  Other male dancers at Texas Ballet Theatre helped him fine tune his design.  

In 2016, the latest entrant, Mariia, introduced their “Kamil” model, which might be the best lightweight, minimalist dance belt ever, making it perfect for costumes and sports.

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