Body Wrappers M007 - narrow waist ProBelt


Introduced in 2014, the Body Wrappers ProBelt line combines superior support with all-day comfort.  Available in both 2” waistband and 4” models.  The narrow band model is a hip hugging design that doesn’t pop out of the top of rolled tights, so it’s perfect for shirt-free days.  The wide band is a full 4”, which means it not only offers extra back support, but slims your stomach under short performance tunics.

88% polyester/12% spandex

Both models feature the same 3 layer pouch.  The inner layer has a vertical center seam to form the pouch shape and  lock in penis orientation, which it does well. The middle foam layer is extremely flexible.  It is totally unseamed, as is the outer fabric layer which enhances smoothness of the presentation.  The result is a perfect 'Ken Doll' bulge with excellent invisibility under tights.  In my wearing experience, it is the absolute best at keeping you locked in place.

A unique feature of the Body Wrappers pouch design is that the pouch edges float away from your body to prevent chafing and friction.

The thong takes advantage of modern fabrics - stretching a full 3” while maintaining full support of the pouch bottom.

Rather than use arbitrary S M L sizing, Body Wrappers uses real waist sizes, which seem accurate.  With sizes down to 24” waist, this dance belt can accommodate younger dancers’ needs.

Although the Body Wrappers offers ballet performance level support, it is comfortable enough for costume use. Bonus for dance belt novices: the packaging includes wearing instructions, authored by me, with a link to Dr. Dancebelt’s Guide.

Body Wrappers website

Body Wrappers M007 ProBelt by Brandon Scott

online store reviews:

Stephen G has mixed feelings:   The front pouch padding and structure is great, particularly for eliminating definition in tights and is holding up well with being washed and dried in a machine if needed. I find the coverage side to side and cup depth to be insufficient. The elastic waistband is effective to provide a secure fit all around however can easily rid up. Not capable to dry overnight.

K.J. says it’s perfect for ballet:     I wanted a dance belt that wasn't cotton and I couldn't be happier with this one. It is by far the most comfortable belt I have ever tried. The first thing I noticed was the padding in the front. It completely hides all lines and you can't tell you have one on underneath your dance tights. It's super soft and stays in place. I bought this in a medium and it fit me perfectly.

DCSD likes his:     Just what I was looking for. Wanted to stop my junk from bouncing about when running , twisting, lunging.  This filled the bill better than expected.  Thong is comfortable enough for several hours daily but wouldn't want to wear all day.

Anonymous from San Francisco:     It really does everything it was designed to do.  It creates a non-descript bulge, has full support, and its all-day comfortable,

Joseph J recommends it:      I use it for fitness (Pilates & yoga). Similar to Capazio's padded belt, but flatter, thinner waist belt and MUCH nicer thong material. Both seem to use more padding than needed, not sure why. I'm a 30-31 so ordered the 30-32, it fit OK, but I thought it was a little large so ordered the 28-30 which fits much better. Definitely I would recommend buying this belt.

Jim Sheets:     It can’t be beat.  A great dance belt for my ballet class. Fit very nice and it didn't move during difficult movement. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a very comfortable dance belt.

Dave:     I just started dancing and after doing some research decided on this one. It was really tight when I first got it but as i wore it more It loosened up and became comfortable. The thong part took some getting used to as it can put a good deal of pressure on some softer spots but I got used to it. The pouch was a bit small but after doing some tucking I was able to make everything fit. really good belt overall and I’m quite happy with it!

Santana says:     Fits well overall, front pouch is a little wide but nothing inside moves while I wear it. The material is pretty nice and the thong design is comfortable.

Kylie E. pronounces it the best:      We have had so much trouble sourcing a dance belt that fits my super skinny son - 150cm tall, 12 year old - none of the belts that we tried fitted properly (either the waist fitted and the pouch was too big or the pouch fitted, but the waist was too big). I stumbled across the ProBelt and ordered the size 24”-26” size. It fitted like a glove everywhere! He wears it to several ballet classes a week and says that it is the most comfortable of all the brands that he has tried. It looks smooth under his unitard, fits well, no chafing and easy to wash. I would highly recommend the ProBelt to difficult to fit boys.

Lisa bought one for her 10 year-old:     He fits the 26-28. He's about 4'7", and 85-90 pounds.  He was quite concerned about graduating to a thong, but after one class in the new belt, he got used to it and it doesn't bother him at all.

Verified Amazon Customer:     Wow, this is light years better than Capezio's dance belts. Capezio's have a seam that really hurts after more than an hour and a half of wearing, but these are comfortable for an entire day. I am a dancer and I wear these to class every day, they provide the necessary support, comfort, and range of motion that I need to be able to do all of the steps full out.

Elison is not a fan:     I find the pouch just a bit to wide and not as supportive as I would have hoped. I use other Body Wrappers, somehow this just isn't the fit I have come to expect.

Kevin:     Good fit.  Comfortable to wear all day for class and performance!

Louis gives it 1 star:     I'm a 29" waist so ordered the 28-30. Unfortunately it seems like either the fit is wrong or the design is just not as expected. The front panel is very wide compared to other belts and doesn't have any shape to it so is flat against the body rather than curved edges as the photo suggests. Hopefully after it is washed it will gain a shape.

Anthony likes his for Cosplay:     Needed this for a Spiderman cosplay so my junk wasn't so obvious. This worked perfect for that. Thong is a little uncomfortable, expected I guess. Wish they made one of these in the non thong version but I guess that would show underwear lines killing the look of the suit.

RDGfan reports:     I've owned a variety of dance belts, and this maybe the most comfortable and supportive yet. It seemed very easy to put on correctly, smoothes/minimizes well, and did it's job very well (I use these for yoga). Nice instruction sheet inside, too.

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