WearMoi 131 - narrow waist

A European import, WearMoi was started in 1992 by a husband/wife team - both former professional dancers.

Excellent for partnering and performance, the wide waistband WearMoi comes in both a 3” and 5” "soft touch" uncovered elastic full circumference waistband and a stretchable thong.  The manufacturers seem to be listening to their customers, making several recent tweeks to improve comfort.

Wearing tights without a shirt and don't want your dance belt to show?  Then the WearMoi narrow waistband is a good alternative.  Like its wide waist cousin, it's designed to hide and make you look good in tights.  The 1½" "full circumference waistband doesn't provide any back support, so choose a wide waistband model if you're doing partner lifts.

WearMoi's pouch features a substantial foam cup middle layer that smooths out anatomical detail and provides minor impact protection.  It creates an idealized 'Ken Doll' large round mound look in tights.

91% cotton/9% Elastene (Spandex)

The narrow waist model is available in boy's sizes 8/10 and 10/12.

WearMoi USA website & online store

Online retailer boysdancetoo advertises that WearMoi is "The best dance belt available.  The wide elastic band is outrageously soft. The cup has a soft interlining padding that provides support, comfort and a good look under tights.  The thong is thin, flexible and as comfortable as a men’s thong can get.”  


Asher Taylor-Dawson’s 
initial reactions

Part 2 of Asher Taylor-Dawson’s review of the WearMoi

Here is what others have said in online store reviews:

John pronounces it superb:     My new favorite dance belt. It's got good padding, comfortable back and good support. The elastic on waist is a bit lighter-weight than some others. Refer to company website for sizing. I am md-lg and needed an extra large.

“PDXdance", a professional dancer says it’s better than others:   I'm still on the fence about the fit of this particular dance belt - it definitely sits low on the waist, but that can give some unflattering lines under tights/unitards etc. The elastic is also quite stretchy compared to others, so I'm curious to see how long it will hold up. It is quite comfortable when everything is in place, but it doesn't offer much coverage so it can take time to get things situated.  The padding in the front does a MUCH better job than the M.Stevens does of disguising what it needs to - and I feel that that is important.

“Thomas” from Australia has both narrow & wide versions:   I own the wide version of this dancebelt which I do not like.  The narrow version is very comfortable and does not show seam lines under tights. I like that it doesn't sit too high on the hips and the thong isn't too wide. The seam that joins the front section to the back can be rather uncomfortable if you don't position/straighten it out when you first put it on - but once you have it on right... you can wear it all day long without any discomfort.  The support is excellent and it shapes thing nicely underneath tights.

“Amy” writes about her son’s first dance belt:       After getting over the initial shock (I have to wear WHAT?!?), my 11 year old son has no issues with this dance belt. He's a very slender build and we washed it before the first wearing, to soften it up. He wears it 4 times a week and thinks it is very comfortable. It provides good coverage.

"Homeschool Mom" gives it 5 stars:     I purchased this for my son when his artistic director told him he needed to start wearing a dance belt. After reading reviews, I decided to go with this one for the comfort and stability it offers. My son loves it, although he said it did take some getting used to! He says it is very comfortable. We put them in the washer and hang them up to dry. He currently has 3 pair, since he dances 6 days a week. I foresee us buying one for each day!

“Jennifer J” can’t get her boy out of it: My 9 year old loved this dance belt. He would wear it all day if I didn't suggest otherwise.

“Ballet Parent" says it’s a good fit for a young boy:     This is my 7.5 yo son's first dance belt. Our local dance store carried only full seat dance belts for boys, which I didn't think would work because even the smallest size looked too big and I don't really see how a full seat is better than regular form-fitting underwear for a youngster. He is 4' 1" tall and about 53 lbs. and the 8/10 youth fits him well. He's now worn it twice to perform and although he says the thong is a bit uncomfortable, he says he will get used to it, and he likes how he looks in his tights. It looks very well made and I would expect it to hold up well. We cut out the tag.

“Sky E” has two dancing sons.  Both like WearMoi:     These dance belts are great. They were just what I needed for under white tights for performance. Both my 6 1/2 year old with 21" waist and my 7 1/2 year old with 23" waist fit into the size 8/10.  Initially I only planned for them to wear them under the tights and not to class but they have started to wear them for all dance now and whilst initially they found the back a little uncomfortable, they find the front much better than without -- I guess I didn't expect that boys so young would benefit from proper support.  I have found the transition easier for the younger one (who asks to wear it) than the older one who is getting a little self conscious, I imagine it would be much harder later on. If you're thinking your boy is too young for a real dance belt don't hesitate, the younger they get used to proper boys dancewear and support the easier it will be so take the plunge.

Samuel pronounces it:     Best Dance Belt on the Market 
Perfect dance belt that fits perfectly and never slips. This is my 5th dance belt from them, and I can guarantee many more will be bought!  For reference:  
Age: 16  
Height: 5'9”  
Weight: 145  
Size that fit me: Small

John wears his for figure skating:     The Low Waist Dance Belt fits perfect. Once you get use to a thong it feels very comfortable. This dance belt is great to use with figure skating in tights.

Sean wears one for cosplay:     I'm 5' 10" 155-160lbs, and fit well in a Medium.  It was very comfortable, and I had no problems walking around all day with this under my cosplay outfit.

Greg questions the hype:     "Best dance belt available"
I don't know if it's the best but I'm glad I made the purchase. I'm relatively new to dance and this is only the 2nd dance belt I've purchased but it is much more comfortable than the first. I'll be reluctant to try anything else in the future! I'm 5'8, 175, with a 32" waist. I bought a large which is fine. It does seem to run a little big but Ibe very hesitant to try a medium.

Victoria says:     My thirteen year old has tried several dance belts. This is the only dance belt he will wear now after a year of dancing.

Nicholas gives it 3 stars:     It Shows! 
I wish the belt was a little more seamless I can really see it through my silkskin shorts!

Another 3 star review from Caleb:     Decent 
Not quite as supportive as other dance belts I've worn. Runs a little large, as well.

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