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BodyWrappers M007 - narrow

BodyWrappers M007 2

Introduced in 2014, the Body Wrappers ProBelt line combines superior support with all-day comfort.  Available in both 2” waistband and 4” models.  The narrow band model is a hip hugging design that doesn’t pop out of the top of rolled tights, so it’s perfect for shirt-free days.  The wide band is a full 4”, which means it not only offers extra back support, but slims your stomach under short performance tunics.

88% polyester/12% spandex

BodyWrappers M006 - wide

BodyWrappers M006 1

Both models feature the same 3 layer pouch.  The inner layer has a vertical center seam to form the pouch shape and  lock in penis orientation, which it does well. The middle foam layer is extremely flexible.  It is totally unseamed, as is the outer fabric layer which enhances smoothness of the presentation.  The result is a perfect 'Ken Doll' bulge with excellent invisibility under tights.  In my wearing experience, it is the absolute best at keeping you locked in place.

Moo7 ProBelt packaging front

A unique feature of the Body Wrappers pouch design is that the pouch edges float away from your body to prevent chafing and friction.

The thong takes advantage of modern fabrics - stretching a full 3” while maintaining full support of the pouch bottom.

Rather than use arbitrary S M L sizing, Body Wrappers uses real waist sizes, which seem accurate.  With sizes down to 24” waist, this dance belt can accommodate younger dancers’ needs.

Moo7 ProBelt packaging back

Although the Body Wrappers offers ballet performance level support, it is comfortable enough for costume use.  Bonus for dance belt novices: the packaging includes wearing instructions, authored by me, with a link to Dr. Dancebelt’s Guide.

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Moo7 ProBelt packaging inside directions

College dance major Brandon Scott frequently spends his entire school day wearing a dance belt.  He’s tried many different models, and has some definite opinions about them.  Here’s his review:

Dance belts have come leaps and bounds in recent times and the Body Wrappers ProBelt is a fantastic demonstration of this. It is designed very well and can be worn for long periods of time before becoming uncomfortable. More importantly, it does the job that dance belts are designed to do. It qualifies near the top in ranking dance belts.

My initial impression of this dance belt was not the comfort, but its extraordinary support. This should be surprising because, as a college dance major, spending long days in a dance belt places a premium on comfort. Some dance belts are comfortable but don’t support well, while others are good supporters but fail the comfort test. I’ve had plenty of dance belts that didn’t support all that well, such as the Capezio quilted, and others whose support would dwindle as the day progressed.

This dance belt blows all others I have used away in terms of support. I’ve examined this belt time and time again and have no idea where the extra support comes from. What’s important here is that it lifted everything exactly where is needed to be and kept it there. Even in petite allegro movements it would hold everything perfectly still. This is where some other dance belts fall flat. Some start fine keeping everything in place, but as soon as petite allegro comes around there would be shifting. In the past, I’d actually come to expect the shift, but this dance belt has given me a whole new understanding of how a good dance belt should function.

Like the new Dance Jox dance belt I reviewed a couple of months ago, this belt is well designed for comfort. Similar to the Dance Jox, it has a seam in the front panel. The difference here is that the seam is confined to the inside of the pouch and is not visible on the exterior. The forward pressure of genitals is spread through the entire pouch which eliminates the obnoxious slight tugging pain that can be caused by thongs. The thong is also well designed. It’s not stiff and rope-like like a Capezio, but not as soft and breathable as the Dance Jox.

The best aspect of this dance belt is the fantastic job it does providing no-shift support. I don’t mean to hang on this subject so much but it really is that nice. It is very well designed for both comfort and function. It does make the question of which dance belt to wear a little harder. There are actually great dance belts out there now. 

So, is this the best dance belt for endurance? No. It can be worn for long periods of time, but by the end of the day the thong can get to you. You can wear it all day and survive but you will be glad when the time finally comes to take it off. I rate the Dance Jox as better for all-day.

But for performances you get everything you need out of it. For performance use I would entertain the idea of getting the wider waistband.

Use the sizing recommendations provided. I am 6’2” tall and between 160lbs and 170lbs. I have a 32” waist and would consider myself in the average range as far as genitals are concerned. The fit was perfect. It really could not have been tailored more to my specific needs. I trust that with other sizes the sizing recommendations would also prove true. But remember, not every dance belt is designed for every person. 

                                                                                                                   - Brandon Scott

Here is what others have said in online store reviews:
"Kevin H.” gives it 5 stars:  
Good fit!  Comfortable to wear all day during class and performance.    

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