Halloween & Cosplay Costumes 

There’s a lot of suspect information online about what you should wear under a spandex costume.  Trust me, a sports cup isn’t the right call!

Many guys buy their first dance belt because their skintight spandex superhero costume looks lumpy with normal underwear and even worse with nothing beneath.  They have zero dance belt wearing time and are concerned they won’t enjoy the party because they’ve got a thong up their butt.

It’s OK - just because you want some bulge control and smoothing doesn’t necessarily mean you want to deal with a professional grade dance belt’s iron grip designed to keep your genitals safe performing an Entrechat six.  Your choice: opt for ultimate look & support, or a lighter duty, more comfortable dance belt than a ballet dancer might choose.  Any of the dance belts listed as NEW COMFORT KINGS would be a good choice.  

The Body Wrappers M003, the new Mariia “Kamil, and the super-lightweight MStevens 1007 also fit the bill, and are specifically recommended for under-costume wear.  Pouches on these are soft and flexible.  You can expect a bit more ‘slippage’ that a tighter dance belt might prevent, but with greater comfort so you can enjoy your Con or Halloween party.

spiderman halloween costume 3

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