Top 10 List

With apologies to David Letterman, here are
The Top Ten Reasons to Wear a Dance Belt:

10.    One really good reason

 9.     Two more really good reasons

 8.     Without one, there would be an extra appendage moving enough to warrant mentioning on a dance notation graph.

 7.     Any production of Spartacus

 6.     It's the only reasonable medical explanation for Nijinsky's madness.

 5.     As pointe shoes are for women, they are a dancer's penance for men (but without the calluses).

 4.     They allow male dancers to use terms like "ballon" without snickering.

 3.     Without dance belts, Balanchine couldn't have used the title "Jewels" for a full length ballet.

 2.     So the Trocks can partner safely.

. . . and the number one reason for dance belts:
 1.     They've filled seats and underwritten company budgets everywhere by allowing the world to accept a ballet called "The Nutcracker" as a family show.

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