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The topic here is dance belts, the tight support underwear worn by male ballet dancers and other guys who wear spandex tights, unitards, & shorts for sports, running, bike riding, yoga, Pilates, superhero, cosplay & halloween costumes, color-guard, marching band, unicycling, plays, trapeze, etc.

There is a certain amount of technique needed in order to comfortably wear a dance belt, which is traditionally passed down to young dancers in the men's dressing room.  However, many boys in ballet are the only male student in their studio and when faced with having to wear a dance belt for the first time, have nobody to learn from.  Others are too shy to ask questions about body issues.  

Doctor Dancebelt's Guide is an online resource to give dance belt novices the information they need, and experienced wearers reviews, store information, comfort tips, and more.  

The Guide was written by a veteran ballet dancer and teacher, but the term “Doctor” refers to dance belt expertise, not a formal degree.  The Doctor is NOT a medical doctor, and questions concerning health or concerns about medical implications of wearing a dance belt should be taken up with a qualified M.D.

This site is designed to be a relatively safe place that dance studios and stores can link to, ballet teachers recommend, and parents learn from.  However, it can't be totally PG rated because the care and comfort of the male genitalia is the principal topic.  If you're not comfortable with that, please don't go any further.

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