Capezio N5930 - quilted

A decades long standard, considered by many professional dancers to be the Cadillac of dance belts, especially for performance.  The cotton/poly quilted lining rounds out the bulge lines and offers some minor protection from contact injuries. The no-stretch pouch offers an extra firm fit.  Above the pouch a no-stretch cotton panel connects to the 3½" wide raw elastic waistband, which supports the lower back to aid in partner lifts, but is not covered by fabric.  The raw elastic is industrial looking, and can pinch and irritate sensitive skin.  The narrow thong has just a tiny bit of stretch to accommodate movement.

Capezio 5930 inside-out

Capezio 5930 inside

Waistband roll-over can be a problem, due to the unstructured cotton panel above the pouch.  Seams in this area can pucker and show through white tights, making it obvious what kind of dance belt is being worn.

90% cotton/10% Lycra

Historically, Capezio has had sizing problems.  I have 2 quilted Capezios claimed to be the same size that have a 3" variance of un-stretched waistband elastic between them.  That makes online purchases risky at best!  Recently Capezio added an "N" designation ("New"?) to their model numbers.  Hopefully that means better quality control in the sizing department.

Capezio's website 

Capezio 5930 & 26 compared, by Jordan

Asher Taylor-Dawson’s review of the Capezio 5930

Online reviews: 

Frank likes it for lyra, silks, and trapeze:     I have tried multiple different dancers belts and this is what you want to buy to protect your junk. The quilted cotton pouch will hold everything in place and provide some padding. The thong is meant to go right up your crack but is comfortable once you get it in the right place. Other brands or versions do not hold things in place like this one does. They are fine if all you want is to hide your junk in costumes, but this is the only one I feel comfortable doing aerial in.

“Urge” gives it 1 star:     So, the whole reason I wear dance belts is not only to keep my genitals in place, but to also conceal them in my tights. However these dance belts, although quilted, do not do a very good job (at all) at concealing the genitals and you can pretty much still see the outline of a penis through your tights.

JM says:     For anyone looking for a dance belt with very good coverage, support, and comfort these "Capezio" brand dance belts offer just that. As for the quality, they appear to be of very high quality so far and as with any product time will tell.

"DancingDude” scores it 5 on a 5 scale:       There is no question that these are of excellent quality. Sizes run true to the chart. It features a wide, comfortable band which further supports your lower back and core - necessary when partnering of any sort. The thong back is as comfortable as they get and is very durable. The front is soft and holds everything in place. I don't even want to try another dance belt. A must have for male dancers in almost all styles of dance!

“Anonymous”:     This is the best jock (dance belt to American readers) I've ever had. I've been using them for years, and they last for ages. Only problem is that the stretch of the waist band varies from batch to batch.

A ballet company costumer:     This is the dance belt that our guys like best.  Smooth line, always looks good.

“Movie Monster”:     Large waistband has tenancy to roll over. not fun. Problem may be me. Quilted front works well. Can't really complain. Well made.

“Iseewhat youdidthere":  The waist band of this product wrinkles and folds in on itself while I dance, causing friction and abrasion. As a consequence I had to adjust it a lot while wearing it. The package area is a bit small and causes some discomfort, yet a larger size is too loose in the waist.  Yes, you do get used to the length of thick rope between your cheeks, and yes, it's completely necessary.

“Dennis L.”.     Sized right, not too tight, not too loose. Take care putting it on at first but then it molds to you and its "Set it and forget it." No more distractions during class. Follow the care instructions and the string will stay soft and flexible. Straps lay flat under clothes, no bumps or lumps showing through. Takes days to dry so get two.

SG:     A few notes on this. 1. It's a thong, expect it to go up between your cheeks, that is what it is intended to do. 2. The quilted panel isn't incredibly thick so there is still a good chance the outline of your stuff will be visible if you aren't a tiny fellow. 3. The thick waistband can be uncomfortable if not positioned properly. Make sure it is high enough on your hip so it doesn't cut into your leg. 4. Once you have these on they are quite comfortable and are nearly invisible under a pair of dance tights or leggings. 5. It actually gives good support so that your stuff isn't swinging in the wind. I've started wearing them when I jog in leggings so that my stuff is properly supported and so I don't give off more of a free show than is absolutely necessary. There are thicker panels out there, but they can be super uncomfortable and make you look like you're wearing a diaper backwards. This is just thick enough without looking weird or being uncomfortable.

SJon says it shrinks when washed: This was initially comfortable, but after a few washings it shrunk and became uncomfortable.


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