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“Can We Get rid of the Awkwardness Surrounding Dance Belts?”
by Avichai Scher
published August, 2019 in DANCE magazine 

“Why Boys Don’t Do Ballet”by Matthew Reinschmidt, Ballet Master - Ballet North, Gladstone, MO
from the February, 2012 issue of KC Stage

“Don’t Judge Me By My Tights”
by Sascha Radestsky, Soloist - American Ballet Theatre
a “My Turn” essay from the March, 8, 2008 issue of Newsweek

“OK, Men, Get into Tights and Line Up at the Barre”
by Eliot Feld, choreographer & founder of Ballet Tech
published October 14, 2001 in the New York Times

"Out of the Shadows … More Men in Tights, the Billy Elliott effect”
by Andrew Taylor, arts writer
published April 27, 2013 in the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald

“The Struggle of a Boy in Ballet”
by “Travis in Texas”
from the Ballet for Men website

“Ballet Apparel for Men”
by David Hunter, webmaster of the Ballet for Men website
- a free e-book

“Confessions of a Ballet Junkie”
by Tom Parsons
The archived essays of a man, now deceased, who started dancing as an adult

“My Son Can Dance - one mom’s musings about boys in the ballet world”

"How to wear a Dance Belt (Or What a Mom Might Have to teach Her Dancing Boy
a blog by Nina Amir, freelance writer & dance mom

“Keeping That Big (NYCB) Nutcracker Coed”
by Joy Goodwin
published August 19, 2007 in the New York Times

"No-Nonsense: Dance Belts”
from the Boys.Do.Ballet.Too blog

“Men at Work - New Trends in Training Male Dancers”
by Joseph Carman
from the June 2009 issue of Dance Magazine

“Adult Beginner Ballet”
by Michelle Ortega, filmmaker
a documentary film about a unique adult ballet program in San Francisco

“Encouraging Boys to Dance”
by Nichelle Suzanne, dance instructor & freelance writer
from the Dance Advantage website

“Secret Boys’ Business - a guide for young male dancers”
by Newcastle Dance Academy (Australia)

“Simkin in the City”
a short film by Alexander Ekman, featuring ABT’s Daniil Simkin

“Dance Belts Suck”
A YouTube video that brings this website full circle. Two college kids taking their first ballet class read aloud from Dr. Dancebelt’s Guide.

"8 Ways to Make Ballet fun For Boys”
by Rain Francis
from Dance Informa digital dance magazine: May 6, 2015

“Jim’s Ballet Page”
by Jim Pickles 
A 52 year old man starts ballet and writes about the experience

Danseur Ignoble
a blog by Asher Taylor-Dawson
If Asher can dance as well as he writes, he’s a force of nature. 

"Love Ballet 89”
a blog by “JustScott”
An adult male who took ballet as a boy gets back into it. 

"Dance Belts - My First Experience"
The inventor of the DanceJox tells all.

"Boys Who Do Ballet Face Bullying, and Not Just at School”
by Scott Gormley, director of the film “Danseur”

“How to Create the Perfect Dance Studio in Your Home"

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