Body Wrappers M002 - full seat dance brief


My position has always been and continues to be
'If you’re wearing tights - you’re wearing a dance belt’    Period.

But I recognize there may be times when you want something close to dance belt support but aren’t willing to put up with being sawn in half by a thong.  Manufacturers seem to agree and are starting to make some relatively acceptable dance briefs.  Expect them to be a bit of a compromise, and no matter someone says, they aren’t invisible under tights.

The things I like about this full-seat dance brief are that it has the same real pouch as the Body Wrappers M003 dance belt, and its narrow waistband with no extra material.

(from the package) A soft, extra padded, smooth look seamless comfortable polyfill pouch with wicking properties. using extra soft nylon thread ensures comfort and features a self covered 2” comfortable elastic band with binding edge trim.  

• ultra comfort fit
• soft, smooth seams
• plush supportive wide elastic waistband
• padded three layer technology
• supportive firm stretch
• pouch shapes, supports, smooths
• easy care

fabric: MicroTECH™: Microfiber Polyester / Spandex

Rather than use arbitrary S M L sizing, Body Wrappers uses real waist sizes, which seem accurate.  With sizes down to 24” waist, this dance belt can accommodate younger dancers’ needs.

If you buy one of these, be sure you get the one I’ve pictured.  Some online retailers picture an entirely different looking one, with wide ‘granny panty’ side panels.


online store reviews:

JB questions the sizing:     They need better description on the sizing. The fit is too small even with ordering a belt the same dimensions of my Hanes boxer briefs the fit me live a glove. Got this at the normal and appropriate size relative to my boxer briefs for my cosplay and it was very uncomfortable. Nothing worse than picking at your crotch in spandex consplay. I'd suggest if you do purchase go with the next 2 sizes up or your junk is going to be trash compacted to all hell.

Daniel says:     This dance belt worked perfect for what I needed it for and like some reviewers said, it isn’t the full side like the picture shows. I actually prefer it with the narrower sides like I received, worked perfect under my costume.

Stardwt says “great fit"     Love this brand and the fit. It’s very comfortable especially compared to others. Can’t tell that you have it on.

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