Bloch “Jackson” B3914 front seam

This is a unique design, unlike any other dance belt on the market.  A full height front seam forms the padded pouch into a contoured shape.  The waistband is composed of two separate pieces of 1¼" bare elastic attached to the thong and pouch sides.  A no-stretch piece of fabric across the top of the pouch completes the design.

90% cotton/10% spandex

Unfortunately, the Bloch B3914 is the worst fitting dance belt I've ever tested.  The pouch is too small to contain standard sized male parts, it's not supportive enough to hold anything in place, and seams cut across the top of the pouch, rubbing in a most unpleasant manner.  The vertical front seam shows under white tights and the pinkish color isn't the color of anyone's flesh that I've ever met.  The waistband rides too low and won't stay up in back completing the disaster.  Testing was suspended after 10 minutes due to discomfort.  A second test had similar results.

Since I am just one dancer, your experience may vary.  If you are a fan of Bloch dance belts, feel free to send me your impressions, which will be published as a contrary opinion.


"Jim from Michigan" writes:

You judged the Bloch B3914 narrow-band dancebelt "the worst dance belt I've ever tested".  I am an experienced adult ballet dancer.  I have owned most of the dancebelts you have reviewed (not Wear Moi).  The Bloch B3914 is by far my favorite.  Yes the color is unforgivable but easy to change by washing it with dark colors.  First it's intended to stretch the waist band up over your iliac crests. The design concept presumes the dancebelt will be worn with tights.  Yes the dancebelt seems wrong until you have tights on, and then it works great. 

You mentioned holding your parts in.  You did not describe that design tightly is seals its edges down around your groin so that it actually confines & supports without squishing you immensely like all other dancebelts.  This is its dominant advantage over the other designs.  

Regarding the penis issue, I can see if you keep your penis heading straight up that you run out of room.  I have always looped mine around into a wad to avoid the straight up penis look.  Obviously the Bloch designers and test dancers think this too.  This DB creates a nice wad look with no details.

To get the DB to work the best, hike the thin waist strap up over your iliac crests, and position the cup up/down so that the cup sides conform around your pubis and lock you inside.  Yes it looks wrong until you put on tights.  You should give it another 10 minutes with tights on to observe what I described.  Look in the mirror too--it looks the best.

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