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Asher Taylor-Dawson is a dancer, aerialist, cyclist, and writer based in Louisville, KY, where he is currently dancing for Suspend Productions.

Although his preferred disciplines are ballet and trapeze, he also does modern dance, lyra, acro-balancing, and occasionally aerial fabric (better known as "silks"). Asher is the author of the blog 
Danseur Ignoble.  He spends most days in a dance belt and has written several reviews & articles for Dr. Dancebelt’s Guide:
ance Belts for Aerialists
“Body Wrappers M006 Review”
"WearMoi 206 Initial Review”
“WearMoi 206 Review part 2"
"Capezio N5930 Review
and his latest:     “Mariia Kamil Review"

As a college dance major, Brandon Scott found it was easier to put on his dance belt in the morning and wear it all day, rather than change in & out several times.  That taught him which dance belts could go the distance, and which came up short.
“DanceJox Review”
”Body Wrappers M007 Review

Jordan dances with a youth company in Southern California.  He's been a fan of Capezio dance belts for his entire career.  He wears both their Quilted and Cotton models, and reviews & compares both.  “Comparing the Capezio 5930 & 26"

"My First Time in Tights” by Scott
Male dancers accept that tights are part of the deal when they sign up for ballet, but when a 
teenage actor unexpectedly finds out that his costume is tights-based, it leads to shock and awe.  Hilarity ensues.

"Male Pole Dancers and Dance Belts” by Bob Zamora
Pole Dancing has long been associated with strippers and strip clubs, but it is also an awesome abs workout.  Bob braved the estrogen-charged environment, and took up the pole as well as ballet in his 
50s.  This link leads to his blog.

"Dance Belts for Horseback Riding" by “Deepseat”
Equestrians have discovered the benefits of wearing a dance belt to keep from grinding their testicles into the saddle.  The author lives in the U.K. and rides English style.

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